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Glasol N.V. is an international company with its registered office in Belgium “Antwerpen”. The company trades in precious commodities, mainly the purchase and sale of rough and polished diamonds. Glasol purchases rough diamonds in order to cut and polish them; the exceptional finished goods are then sold to professional buyers.

Glasol has a global presence via the various diamond exchanges including Antwerp, Shanghai, London, Dubai and Tel Aviv and tailors its investments in order to adapt to fluctuations in professional demand.

The company specialises in trading diamonds above 2 carats and boasts unparalleled expertise in coloured and exceptional diamonds.

Our values

reputation - partnership

Glasol places a high priority on its reputation. Our clients, suppliers and investors turn to our company because of our reputation and level of expertise. Glasol  has forged its reputation among global stakeholders in the diamond industry by imposing a strict policy of transparency and responsible investment.

As a company that has perfected the complete process of transforming rough diamonds into cut diamonds and with a host of leading global partners to support us in our endeavours, our investment process is among the most transparent. We have developed our own investment system in order to give our partners more control.

Using the enduring nature of diamonds as a template for long-term business relationships, Glasol’s growth is underpinned by strong relationships with its suppliers and buyers. Our investment strategy is adjusted according to the professional diamond market and is supported by the policies of the various global mining groups.

Responsible Investment
Glasol is committed to its policy of responsible investment and sources materials from accredited suppliers. All our rough diamonds are traceable and comply with the Kimberley Process established by the World Diamond council. Thanks to the Kimberley Process Certificate, diamonds’ origins can be identified and the gems are protected prior to delivery.


Diamond sector profesionals

Glasol works exclusively with diamond sector professionals. We source our rough diamonds from renowned mining companies. Glasol negotiates the resale of its cut diamonds with clients established on the various diamond exchanges worldwide.


  • De Beers Group (now called Diamond Trading Company), established in London, is the largest producer of rough diamonds in the world. Founded in 1888, De Beers has become the major player in global diamond production through its locations in all producing countries in Africa, including Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.
  • Anglo American plc is a British holding company operating principally in mining production and processing. Anglo American is the majority shareholder of De Beers Group and is therefore the diamond market’s leading producer.
  • Rio Tinto, originally a Spanish company, specialising in rare metal mines, has become a multinational Anglo-Australian mining group and is often a key player in the distribution of rough diamonds.

Resale on the diamond exchanges

Glasol N.V. is a member of the Antwerp and Shanghai diamond exchanges:

  • Beurs voor Diamanthandel: The “Beurs voor Diamanthandel” is the world leader in the diamond sector by virtue of its history, its members and its expertise.
  • Shanghai Diamond Exchange: China’s only diamond exchange is striving to become one of the largest diamond trading platforms in the world.


Diamond sector profesionals

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